Our Core Values

Experience You Can Trust

Our team of attorneys have considerable experience in living trusts and estate planning. We give you valuable guidance and peace of mind that your trust is prepared and funded properly.

Guarantee of Excellence

Striving for excellence is an important core value of our firm. We take pride in the quality of our documents and everything we do including the care and compassion we extend to our clients.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to offering excellent service at competitive prices.  The value offered for our care and in-depth, personal service is what our clients rage about most.

We Have the Tools

We have the best tools and information, and the best-in-class estate planning technology. With our sharp ideas and tools, our documents are impeccable.

Great Support

Providing excellent and memorable client support is most important to our company. We patiently assist in planning and executing the proper forms for estate planning.

Confidentiality Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing complete confidentiality to all clients. We guarantee it. *Some exceptions may apply including to prevent reasonably certain death or substantial bodily harm, and other permitted or required disclosures by law.

Our Company

Welcome to Dodge Probate – Orange County’s Premiere Trust and Estate Planning law firm for families with young children and business owners. Based in Irvine, California, Dodge Probate assists individuals and families in Southern California in the areas of trust law and estate planning, wealth preservation, asset protection, and business succession.

Nationwide studies confirm that families with young children and entrepreneurs are so busy, they do not prioritize time with financial or legal advisors. They are often preoccupied with caring for small children, or pursuing their careers. They are growing their assets and families but they are not doing anything to protect it.

Our expertise lies in helping clients create trusts and estate plans that address their specific needs should the client meet an untimely death or become incapacitated. Issues we help address include:

– Guardianship of minor children & other beneficiaries
– Guarding your children’s & other beneficiaries’  inheritance
– Protecting your assets from creditors or the expense and delay of Probate court
– Properly distributing your assets as you would have wished
– Passing a business on to a family member or other individual to ensure the business will continue to operate
– Whether to be kept alive through artificial means when you are in a permanent vegetative state

We address each specific need by utilizing a variety of asset transfer tools and advance planning devices including:

– Revocable Living Trusts
– Last Will and Testament
– Durable Powers of Attorney
– Advanced Health Care Directives
– Special Needs Trusts
– Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
– Asset Protection Planning
– Buy/Sell Agreements

You may not be aware of this, but you should also be concerned about your ‘virtual afterlife.’ Social media has changed the way we live and communicate with others. Who will or should have access to your social media accounts after death is increasingly sensitive and a significant issue. These accounts often contain personal messages, photos, videos and other private information.

You should also be concerned about your digital assets. This includes information stored on a personal computer or “in the cloud,” in email accounts, domain names, etc. In the past, a person only had to check the mail to find the assets in a deceased relative’s estate. However, banking, payroll and bill payments have moved online and it has been increasingly difficult for executors to determine the extent of a person’s assets after death.

Therefore, in a comprehensive estate plan designed specifically for you, we will ensure you have a plan detailing who should have access to that information.

Knowing that you are prepared for the future can remove significant stress on your family. Leave a clear action plan for what your next steps should be to ensure your financial, legal and business affairs are set up the best possible way for your family.

At Dodge Probate, we create accurate, up-to-date and well-informed documents. We stay competitive and current through seminars and other resources. We have practical skills and insights that we can use in the right way. We have the best tools and information, and the best-in-class estate planning technology.

Katie believes in fostering a lifetime relationship with each client. She spends time to ensure that our practice is more than just a business.

Let us be your trusted legal advisor and personal family attorney. We can help you protect yourself, your family and your assets. We will ensure your personal and family needs are taken care of, now and in the years to come. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced and compassionate trust and estate planning attorney.

Location & Hours

Centrally located in the heart of Orange County, our office is one block away from the Irvine Spectrum – Southern California’s most popular entertainment and shopping destinations. We are open 5 days a week and by appointment only.

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